INTERVIEW: Victories at Sea

It’s hard to see how this band won’t become huge. Victories at Sea have an incredibly eclectic and blended sound to their music, and it’s quite easy to see why bands such as Slow Readers Club and Boxer Rebellion have them along as support.

Following the announcement of their support slot with the aforementioned Boxer Rebellion, the band very kindly answered a few questions!

Believe In Sound (BIS): Following the release of your EP A Place To Stay last year, can we expect any new music this year?

Victories At Sea (VAS): We were really pleased to get that record out there and touring it has really given variety to our sets, but yes we are always writing and with no shortage of ideas at present we definitely plan to get back to recording at some point this year.

BIS: Do you plan on sticking to a similar sound on your next release, or are you going to mix it up a little?

VAS: We don’t really plan …. our sound has certainly evolved but that’s usually dictated by a song or a certain loop or drumbeat, so the canvas is always empty at the start and it’s exciting not to have to think of what it’s going to end up sounding like.

BIS: You recently supported Slow Readers Club, firstly how was that for you guys? and how did it feel to play legendary venues like King Tuts in Glasgow?

VAS: Really cool couple of shows, especially playing Glasgow King Tuts, really enjoyed that as our first ever Scottish show and the Slow Readers’ guys and their fans were very welcoming, hope to get back up there again sometime.


BIS: You also supported The Boxer Rebellion around Europe in the Summer, how different are the crowds in Europe to the crowds in the UK?

VAS: There’s not a huge difference we’ve found, I think it may be the nature of the music we make, there certainly seem to be a lot of people who deeply connect with the themes we relay, and the energy of the live show, and they are eager to talk about music and collect your records which is so important to a band of our size in this day and age. Suppose we do seem to sell a lot more T-Shirts in Europe though, perhaps the further you are from home the more people realise you need the merch money to make it to the next gig.

BIS: Can we expect a tour and festival dates in 2018?

VAS: You can! First we headline our hometown favourite venue The Hare and Hounds in Kings Heath Birmingham on Sat 10 Feb, got some of our fav locals on that bill. Then we go out with The Boxer Rebellion once again but much more in UK and Europe, starting in Leeds on 24 Feb at Brudenell Social Club, right thought to Friday 9 March at Point Ephemere in Paris, gonna be a joy to get back out with them to places we haven’t been to for a couple of years such as Utrecht, and some new ones too, well excited

BIS:When I listen to your music there is a massive 80’s feel to it, so with that in mind who are your biggest influences when you write music?

VAS: It’s strange how that came about, though personally I love The Bunnymen and New Order, when we first started we were certainly learning our craft ‘on the job’, we didn’t have much in the way of synths and kit, but as we got more toys to play with then the more electronics came out to the forefront and maybe this more 80s vibe, I can certainly see where people get that feel from when I listen back but it has never been a conscious wish to emulate, it’s all pretty natural.

BIS: The lyrics in the song “Echoes” are particular favourites of mine. What motivates and inspires your lyrics?

VAS: Ultimately: hope is important. It’s easy to get yourself dragged through the mud kicking and screaming about a broken heart and the death of everything but ultimately if something dark can be amalgamated into something positive and hopeful, then that’s my narrative.

BIS: Finally, bit of a generic one, but what was the inspiration behind your bands name?

VAS: Band names are hard, really hard, especially in the Google world, we made lists but had no joy so we applied the ‘Cut Up’ technique, aka the words lottery, we put a load of names in a hat and pulled out various combinations, pure chance and a happy accident so I guess it doesn’t really ‘mean’ anything, it looked good on paper and was borderline prog whilst being spiky enough to sound right for us.

Live dates:

 Sat 24 Feb – LEEDS Brudenell Social Club

Sun 25 Feb – BRISTOL Thekla

Tues 27 Feb – MANCHESTER Deaf Institute

Wed 28 Feb – LONDON Islington Assembly Hall

Fri 2 Mar – UTRECHT Tivoli

Sat 3 Mar – ROTTERDAM Maassilo

Mon 5 Mar – GRONINGEN De Oosterpoort

Tues 6 Mar – HAMBURG Knust

Wed 7 Mar – BERLIN Frannz Club

Thurs 8 Mar – COLOGNE Luxor

Fri 9 Mar – PARIS Point Ephemere

Tickets available now at

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