INTERVIEW: Delayed Departure

The music scene is awash with new bands coming through, and one of the most exciting bands are Farnborough locals Delayed Departure. Back from a break, and with new music on the horizon I spoke to lead singer Mike Harland about the bands future.
Believe In Sound (BIS): Thank you for joining me Mike. So, you recently released a teaser for some new music, when can we expect a full release?

Mike: We can confirm that we are still in the process of recording our 3rd EP, unfortunately due to personal circumstances within the band the recording has been delayed by a few months. However, it will definitely be released this year and hopefully in time for the summer.

BIS: Do you guys have any plans for touring anytime soon?

Mike: We are hoping to get out on tour very soon to showcase some of our older material and play our newest songs. Again, this will hopefully coincide with the release which should be around summer time.

BIS: You guys have a really unique sound. Who are your major influences?

Mike: I think within the band we have our own individual influences that culminate in creating our specific sound. I’d say as a whole we are heavily influenced by the Slam Dunk type scene, so Mallory Knox, You Me At Six, Don Broco, Deaf Havana, Bring Me The Horizon, Hands Like Houses, Paramore etc. However, we’re always trying to create something as original as can be. There isn’t really a set blueprint to follow in terms of linking a certain sound with success and so we just create music that sounds good to our ears and hope our fans enjoy the style.


BIS: What is your favourite town/city to play, and why?

Mike: It’s a tie between two, our actual birthplace in Farnborough and our adopted hometown, Basingstoke. The reason is simply because we feel the pride people have that there is this band from the area that are trying to put their name on the map, proud of the town in which the band originates from. Not to mention a fair majority of our fan base originate from these areas and so the shows we play are usually packed and lively.

BIS: What are your plans for 2018? Can we see you guys hitting any festivals this summer?

Mike: We have a few plans, namely getting this EP finished and released. However, without giving too much away we certainly have some exciting plans and are hoping this year is the time where we really progress as a band through the shows we will play.

BIS: A lot of bands use current affairs and personal experience when writing lyrics, what inspires you?

Mike: To be honest a whole host of things. It’s a mixed bag when it comes to writing lyrics as the core of each song isn’t necessarily always personal to myself (Mike). It can sometimes be a case of unravelling all these words and sentences in your head and piecing together a logical story from them. But mostly inspiration for the lyrics genuinely originates from day to day life, it can be anything we have seen or heard from other people that triggers an emotion within us all. I think our latest EP is probably more personal than our older material. However, without being cliché some songs follow a story of heartbreak and others questioning life as a general and my own conflicting view about why we are brought into the world.

Find their music here.


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